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The Judicial Branch of Puerto Rico is committed to educating and guiding the community on the court system and its processes and on the rights and responsibilities of each person as a member of society. This is why we offer a variety of educational talks and guided educational tours, available upon request.

The guided educational tours are available at all thirteen judicial regions, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. Each tour will serve as an educational experience for participants to learn about the judicial process and how the courts operate. In addition, educational activities are also offered outside the courthouse.

The types of activities that are available upon request are:

Fotografía de una visita educativa guiada donde una Jueza se dirige a miembros de la comunidad en una Sala del Tribunal de Primera Instancia

Guided Educational Tours of the Courts: For groups of students in 4th grade and above or for community groups. These tours include an educational activity related to the court system, a tour of the courthouse (if the facilities allow), and a talk with the judge in the courtroom regarding the role and duties of the judge and the courtroom officers.

Fotografía de una visita educativa especial para estudiantes en el Salón de Sesiones del Tribunal Supremo con Juezas Asociados y Jueces Asociados

Special Court Tours: Universities, schools, or community groups may request a special tour for students to observe court proceedings or receive an educational experience designed to meet to their particular needs based on their field of study. These activities should not last more than one day and, if intended for underage children, it is required that they be accompanied by an adult.

Fotografía de mesa informativa con personal del Poder Judicial y miembros de la comunidad

Information Booths for Judicial Branch Programs and Services: These may be set up inside or outside the courthouse, either on the Judicial Branch’s own initiative or by invitation of the community. Judicial Branch officers will offer orientation and informational material to those who approach the booths.

Fotografía de una visita a una escuela donde personal del Poder Judicial y personas menores de edad hacen un rompecabeza

School or Community Outreach: Interactive presentations on requested topics may be coordinated based on available resources. These presentations are held outside the courthouse. The Judicial Branch will assign its resources to offer them at such places.

To request an educational talk, tour, or visit, you may contact the Office of Education and Community Relations of the Office of Court Administration at (787) 641-6600, extension 5707 or email at