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The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico entrusts the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with the administration of the judicial system and provides for the appointment of an Administrative Director to assist in this duty. The Supreme Court also plays an important role, since it has the authority to approve the administrative rules that govern the court system, owing to the independence of the Judicial Branch as one of the three branches of government.

Chief Justice Maite D. Oronoz Rodríguez is assisted by the Office of Court Administration in the administration of the court system. This office is headed by the Administrative Director of the Courts, Hon. Sigfrido Steidel Figueroa. Iits general duties are as follows:

  1. Develop a uniform administration system to support and streamline proceedings.
  2. Enforce administrative procedures in place to ensure uniform, continuous, and efficient delivery of services.
  3. Request and justify the need for public funds for the operation of the Judicial Branch.
  4. Serve as a facilitator by providing courts with the most appropriate human, physical, and financial resources considering budget capabilities.
  5. Develop and maintain up-to-date information systems for the disclosure, planning, management, operation, and evaluation of the administrative activities of the courts.
  6. Assess the impact of legislative bills on the system.
  7. Investigate misconduct of Judicial Branch personnel, including judges, except for Supreme Court Justices.
  8. Serve as legal representation for the Judicial Branch and its personnel where representation does not fall within the purview of the Department of Justice.
  9. Make recommendations to the Chief Justice concerning the improvement of the system’s operations and the assignment and transfer of judges, and adopt the measures ordered by the Chief Justice to optimize the administration of the General Court of Justice.


The Court of Appeals, as well as the judicial regions of the Court of First Instance, through their administrative judges, comprise an advisory body known as the Judicial Advisory Council.

To learn more, you may call the Office of Court Administration at 787-641-6600.

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