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The Judicial Branch of Puerto Rico is the branch of government that interprets the laws and decides cases or legal disputes presented by individuals and entities. In addition, according to Law No. 201 of 2003, known as the Judiciary Act of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico of 2003 (Judiciary Act of 2003), the Judicial Branch “shall promote a society that is less litigious.” To fulfill this responsibility, different initiatives are implemented to offer education and orientation to the community on the court system and its processes, as well as their civic responsibilities and rights.

To eliminate barriers to access to justice, the Judicial Branch seeks to empower and engage communities with knowledge and understanding of how to effectively use the court system to resolve legal situations.

This page provides access to a variety of resources and content for guidance and education on the courts, their composition and operation, as well as on topics of interest regarding the legal proceedings that take place in the courts. The information and guidance provided here are intended for educational purposes and do not constitute a legal resource or a substitute for the professional services of an attorney.