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The Human Resources Area of the Office of Court Administration is in charge of administering the Judicial Branch Personnel System. All job applications are received and evaluated through the Classification and Recruitment Division. Our Uniform Service system requires applicants to pass an examination in order to enter a registry of individuals eligible to compete for a job opening through an open call for applications. To apply for competitive positions within the Judicial Branch Uniform Service, please review the list of job openings below and identify those that interest you. As soon as the recruitment process is initiated, review the description of the job opening and, if interested, submit an application along with the documents listed.

Job Openings

Complete the application «Solicitud de Examen» (OAT 495)  for each of the job opening you wish to apply for.

Please review the contents of each job opening listed above to determine if you meet the qualifications and experience requirements.

Consider the following aspects:

  • nature of the job
  • admission requirements
  • nature of the exams
  • deadline for submitting the application
  • probationary period
  • base and maximum salaries

The required documents must show the applicant’s education and work experience. We will not accept resumes or letters submitted via e-mail to request an examination. You must follow the instructions provided here.

Complete an application, “Solicitud de vExamen” (OAT 495), for each job opening you wish to apply for. This form is also available at all courthouses throughout Puerto Rico and at the Classification and Recruitment Division of the Office of Court Administration.

Please include any additional documents or information required with your application and mail or deliver it in person to the Classification and Recruitment Division before deadline provided in the job opening.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 190917
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00919-0917

Street Address:

268 avenida Muñoz Rivera
San Juan, PR 00918-3920

Those who meet the education and experience requirements will be subject to the examination described in job opening. Those who pass the examination will be included in the registry of eligible candidates per job type, in descending order based on their score.

The examination is usually offered at the San Juan Judicial Center. Directions and a geographical map is available at the following link:

Directions to the San Juan Judicial Center

When an open position is to be filled, the top 10 candidates in the registry who have indicated that they will accept employment in the town where the job opening exists, will be contacted for an interview. Management staff will then recommend one of the eligible candidates to fill the opening and continue with the appointment process.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Classification and Recruiting Division at 787-641-6600 ext. 5217 and 5230, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.