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The Judicial Branch of Puerto Rico is responsible for ensuring that justice is served equitably, with sensitivity, and with a humanitarian approach to promote access to justice. This responsibility is based on the constitutional principles of the inviolability of human dignity and the guarantee of equal protection under the law.

As the guardians of the people’s fundamental rights, the Judicial Branch reaffirms its commitment to strive for an effective justice system for everyone, without distinction. The initiatives and projects presented on this page help the Judicial Branch promote procedural fairness and eliminate the barriers to access to justice due to age, gender, nationality, functional diversity, among other factors that have historically limited the ability to access the institutions that should serve the people.

These initiatives and projects allow for a specialized and interdisciplinary approach to cases and issues related to vulnerable populations:

Centros de Mediación de Conflictos

Conflict Mediation Centers


Accessibility Program

Centros Pro Se

Pro Se Centers

Programa por la Juventud

Youth Program

Programa Educativo

Educational Program

Proyecto de Justicia para la Niñez

Court Improvement Project

Programa de Salones Especializados en Casos de Sustancias Controladas o Drug Courts

Drug Courts

Programa de Igualdad y Equidad de Género

Program for Gender Equity and Equality